4 Best Whirlpool Water Purifiers in India in 2017

Whirlpool is a well known company in India when it comes to large appliances for home.Whirlpool started off initially with washing machines and later expanded into other categories.

They bought kelvinator brand and expanded their portfolio to refrigerators.It offers Microwave ovens,air conditioners,other home appliances like slow juicer,blenders,toaster and kettle.

In addition to all these home products,they recently entered into purification market with air purifiers and water purifiers.

If you are looking forward to own a water purifier from Whirlpool brand then you are at the right place as we are going to provide you the list of best whirlpool water purifiers to buy in India to make the selection process simpler and easy for you.

Here is the list of 4 best Whirlpool water purifiers in India that you could buy and these are picked based on features,price and popularity of the product.

Top 4 Best Whirlpool Water Purifiers to buy in India in 2017:

#1.Whirlpool Minerala Platinum 8.5-Litre RO Water Purifier (White):

Best Whirlpool water purifier to buy online in India in 2017

This model of water purifiers from Whirlpool comes with RO technology and has 6 Purification stages for water purification.

It has water capacity of 8.5 litres. Its body comes with membrane type material.

This 8.5 L Whirlpool Minerala RO Water Purifier offers clean and hygienic water by its pre-filter and health-shield RO membrane.

It efficiently removes chemical, physical, and microbial impurities from your drinking water. Having made of bacterostatic plastic, the safe storage tank of this 8.5 L purifier avoids microbial growth even after 30 days of storage of water.

It has unique mineral enrichment and tamper proof filter. It comes with a strong filtration capacity of 13.5 litre/hour at 750ppm. It has pre filter for longer life and also provides 1 year of warranty for ease of users.

#2.Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier (White):

Top 4 best Whirlpool brand water purifiers in India

If you are searching for a budget water purifier, you can select for Whirlpool Destroyer.

It comes with a water purifier that deploys unique EAT (known as Electro Adsorption Technology) for purpose of purifying the water.

The Storage capacity of this Whirlpool Destroyer is about 6 litres and the condensed water purifier can also function with hard water having TDS levels up to 500ppm.

It provides recovery of 100-percent. It comes with EAT filter and warranty card. Its life is upto 2200 litres. With this, there will be no water wastage and the 6-Litre water purifier is finest suited with public tap water and municipal water supply facility.

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#3.Whirlpool Puragenius Water Purifier Non Electrical:

Popular and best quality Whirlpool brand water purifiers in India

This model of Whirlpool is a storage type water purifier that possesses a storage capacity of approximately 6 litres.

It has a very compact size and it can suit easily in any portion of the kitchen, though small the kitchen space is, you need not to worry mounting this unit because of the minor size.

It employs Non-electrical purification technology. It comes in black and white colors. It has 6 stages of purification. It provides mounting options, twistech membrane and water dispensing option.

The best part is it does not make use of any chemical for purification and so it is very secure for consumption and even the water does not scent of any chemicals. The food that is cooked using this water does not smell of any harmful chemicals.

#4.Whirlpool Minerala 90 Classic:

top 4 best Whirlpool water purifier to buy in India in 2017

This model of Whirlpool comes with a large storage capacity and varied filtering options.

It has 6 stages of purification. It offers a storage capacity of approximately 8.5 litres.

It has vast filtration option as it comes with a filtration capacity of 10 litres/hour.

It can filter sediments and pre-carbon type of material. It provides features of pre-filter and reverse osmosis.

It comes with a TDS controller and power required is 36 watts.  It comes with finest white colour along with blue finishing.

Go through the list and pick one good Whirlpool water purifier according to your choice and budget.

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