AquaGuard Reviva RO + UV + TDS Review

For water purifier model- AquaGuard Reviva RO + UV + TDS from renowned brand, following is the review.
If you are worried about quality of drinking water straight from the tap then your search ends with this water purifier. As there are several water-borne diseases that are effortlessly caught by drinking un-purified water, this model is best in use. The water experiences dissimilar stages for purification and comes out clean and safe for use of drinking. The impurities like minerals, dirt, ions, bacteria, cysts, etc. are detached during this process and the purifier defends you from water abided diseases. This energy saving water purifier is effortlessly obtainable at an insignificant price and also has one year warranty. It is suggested for water coming from major sources and can be effortlessly installed on the table top or also on the wall.
This is electric based model from AquaGuard with latest taste enhancer technology. It is made up of ABS plastic material and has storage capacity in range of 5-15 litres. It uses all the fundamental purification technologies-RO+UV+TDS with auto-shut off features included. The 5 stage purification passes through all the RO membrane, UV technology and TDS based removal of impure water.
Noteworthy features:
This exceedingly efficient water purifier with an electric power consumption of 45 watt and an input voltage of 230 V, purifies water and offers a retrieval of 25 %. Up to 90% reduction in TDS occurs leaving behind the filths in the RO membrane creating the water pure and clean. The membrane emanates with a tinny film composite RO and possesses a 75 GPD and the supporter pump voltage delivers 24 V DC and a UV lamp lifetime of 5000 hours. This AquaGuard based RO+UV+TDS water purifier has a purification capacity of 15 litres and an inherent voltage stabiliser for maintaining voltage fluctuations. The stabiliser is intended in such a way that it guarantees that the voltage fluctuations have no result on the performance.
The level of bacteria, cysts, minerals, dirt, ions, etc. is least in this water purifier compared to other models. The energy is least consumed in this purifier making it best for home or office uses.
The plastic material used in its manufacture may easily break if this purifier is not handled with caution. The speed of purification is comparatively low. The price is little costly with large maintenance and repair costs to be paid by users when send for repair.

This water purifier is efficient in terms of energy saving with RO+UV+TDS based technology for better purification.


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