Best 25-Litre Capacity Large Water Heaters in India

Water heater is one of the essential household item and one need to have right water heater which fits their requirement.

Otherwise there will still be problem even though you have got water heater at home.(Some good suggestions while choosing water heater).

If your family is big or usage of hot water is too regular in a day then you should have a large water tank heater with capacity like 25 litre.

If you don’t need this much big water heaters, then you should check some affordable low volume water heaters.Here are some of the best instant water heaters which can cost you less than 3000 rupees.

To make the selection process easier,we have picked some of the best water heaters with 25 litre storage capacity from top brands in India.

Go through the list to see which one works best for you.

Best 25-Litre Capacity Large Water Heaters in India:

#1.AO Smith HSE-SDS-25 25-Litre 2000-`Watt Vertical Water Heater:

Best 25 litre water storage capacity water heater to buy online in India

The HSE-SDS-25 model water heater by AO Smith weighs 16 kilograms.

Designed to resist hard water, rust, and corrosion with ease; this is a superior water heater model.

It is best suited for use in India since it helps to save electricity by being exceptionally energy efficient and can heat hard water with less effort.

It provides option to adjust temperature between 25-75 degree centigrade.

It provides maximum protection against hard water and corrosion.It has 4 star energy rating and helps you to save electricity consumption.

This water heater has an unique feature called thermal cutout,which helps to cut off the power supply whenever the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level.

It also comes with safety valve which is designed to automatically relieve and discharge water, in case the pressure overshoots the preset limits.

#2.Bajaj New Shakti 25-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater:

Best 25 litre geyser to buy in India in 2017

The 25-Litre Water Heater from the Bajaj New Shakti series is an affordable one and works on 2000 Watts of power.

This is one of the top vertical water heater available in India.

Weighing 14 kilograms, this vertical water heater is probably the best you can get from a reputed company for a budget-friendly price.

This heater’s outer tank is made of metal and comes with 4 star energy rating.

Other features like temperature adjustment and temperature indicator are available.

It takes around 20 mins to heat all water and water stays hot for almost 12 hours.

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Best V-Guard brand water heater in India in 2017

#3.American Micronic 25-Litre Imported Water Heater:

top 5 best 25 litre capacity large water heaters in India

This model sold by American Micronic Instruments has a 25-Litre glass-lined tank.

It has 3 power modes for maximum energy savings. It is both weather and moisture repellent and best suited for heating Indian water.

Weighing around 16 kilograms and priced moderately, this is the best imported water heater you can get for a reasonable price.

The unique feature of this model is three power modes 800W/1200W/2000W with Variable temperature control & automatic cut-off.

It also has multiple safety protections against overheating, over pressure and electric shock.

#4.Crompton Solarium DLX SWH825 25-Litre Storage Water Heater:

good quality and branded water heaters with 25 litre capacity in India

The Solarium DLX SWH825 is an Ivory-coloured water heated from Crompton Greaves compnay with a 25-Litre capacity.

Also available in 10-Litres and 15-Litres, the Crompton Solarium has a 4-Star BEE rating enabling 50 per cent energy consumption savings.

It comes with very compact and elegant design and looks great.It is been specially designed to reduce leakage of water by great extent.

It also has Nickel coated copper heating element to provide resistance against salts and corrosive particles.

It also has advanced 3 tier temperature sensing technology to provide higher safety against accidents.

#5.Kenstar Hot Spring KGS25W5M-GDE 25-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater:

best water heaters with 25 litre storage capacity in India

The KGS25W5M-GDE weighs around 11 kilograms and is a durable water heater by Kenstar that is capable of storing and heating water in its 25-Litre tank.

It has a stainless-steel body that repels rust coated with ABS plastic.

This water heater has a penta-safe technology comprising of a thermal cut-out and a safety valve that has a siphon hole for safe operation.

It comes with 5 star energy rating and helps to save electricity consumption.

This heater allows maximum heat retention allowing water to stay hot for longer duration.

These are the top 5 water heaters with 25 litre capacity which you could buy from well known brands in India.Get one that can best serve your purpose.

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