Best Crompton Greaves Water Heaters in India

Crompton Greaves is a multinational company based out of Mumbai, India .It is dedicated to manufacturing top-grade consumer electronics and electrical appliances at rates affordable to the median working class.

Crompton greaves products are popular for having lived up to the quality standards consistently. Water Heaters by Crompton Greaves are inexpensive and look stylish in every sense of the word.

Below are 5 best Water Heaters by Crompton Greaves. Compare features and price and take your pick!

Best Crompton Greaves Water Heaters in India :

#1.Crompton Solarium Plus IWH03PCI 3-Litre Instant Water Heater:

Best Crompton Greaves instant water heater in India

This model is a 3-Litre water heater that you can buy for couple of thousands. If you would prefer even a smaller version, you can go for the Solarium Plus with a capacity of 1-Litre.

The Water Tank is a steel grade and the body of the device is an attractive Ivory colour.

The IWH03PCI runs on 3000 Watts of Power and weighs just 2.9 kilograms.

It will heat water in around 2 mins and depending on the usage,you could get continuous hot water.

If you are looking for a branded 3 litre instant water heater then this is the cheapest which you could buy online in India.

#2.Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-Litre Storage Water Heater (Ivory):

Best quality Crompton Greaves water heaters to buy online in India

The Solarium DLX SWH815 has a capacity of 15 Litres and is priced at mid range level.

This model has some interesting features like its unique compact body and a patented Nano polymer coating on the water tank that protects it from rust and corrosion.

Capable of saving up to 50 per cent of Energy, the Solarium DLX is truly one of the best in its league.

It comes with advanced 3 tier temperature sensing technology ,which provides higher safety against accidents.

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#3.Crompton Arno Power ASWH1515 15-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater (White):

Top 5 best Crompton Greaves brand water heater in India

This 15-Litre Water Heater model is priced moderately and comes with a 25-litre water tank for a higher price.

It claims to save about 46% lesser energy and is a safe and easily installable Water Heater model.

The outer body of the ASWH1515 is made of high grade Engineering Plastic to repel rust and corrosion.

It works on 2000 Watts of power and is Crompton’s premium Water Heater, acing in terms of performance and quality.

The water tank is designed with single weld line to minimize leakage by around 66%.

It also has special heating element made of nickel coated copper which provides resistance against salts and corrosive particles.

#4.Crompton Solarium DLX SWH825 25-Litre Storage Water Heater:

Good quality and popular water heaters from Crompton Greaves company in India

The Solarium DLX SWH825 has a 25-Litre Water Tank. It also available with a 10-Litre and a 15-Litre Water Tank as well.

This model is guaranteed to save up to 50% of energy and comes with a 4-star rating as per BEE guidelines.

Outer tank is made of rust free ABS body and will last long.It also has best in class patented technology to provide unmatched tank protection against corrosion.

It has special nickel coated copper heating element to help to provide resistance against salts and corrosive particles.

Like some other models,it also comes with advanced 3 tier temperature sensing technology to provide higher safety against accidents.

#5.Crompton Solarium DLX SWH810 10-Litre Storage Water Heater (Ivory):

Best Crompton Greaves company water heaters to buy online in India in 2017

The power consumption level of this water heater is very optimal. Apart from being visually attractive, it is power packed with all the best features from Crompton Greaves.

Weighing at just 10 kilograms, it is light, compact, and easy to place.

Water tank in this model is designed with single weld line which helps to minimize water leakages.

It also has other features like 3 tier temperature sensing technology,nano coating to provide protection against corrosion and nickel coated copper to provide resistance against salts and corrosive particles.

All the above-mentioned Water Heaters by Crompton Greaves are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated features like perfectly suited 8 bar pressure, single weld line to prevent leakage, Insitu PUF for conserving energy, a special heating element made of nickel coated copper, stamped with an ISI mark.

Choose one good water purifier from Crompton Greaves company as per your choice of looks,storage capacity and price.

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