Best RO Water Purifier under 10000 rupees in India in 2017

Purification of water has become very much necessity these days due to scarcity of good quality drinking water. If you take the water as it is and drink ,you may end up getting many health issues. So it’s better to have a water purifier and drink pure water to stay healthy.

There are different types of water purifiers like Non electric gravity based water purifier, RO based water purifier, UV based water purifier,UF based water purifier and different combinations of these methods like RO + UV or RO + UV + UF.

You could get more information on each of these methods by going through Comparison of RO , UV , UF and TDS water purification methods .You could also understand which purifier is right for you based on that information.

Mainly if you drink hard ground water or you get water from tankers outside then it’s better to go for RO water purifiers.

But if you get corporation water which is some what ok then gravity based water purifier is enough for you.Check here for Top 5 gravity based water purifiers under 2000 rupees and Best non electric gravity based water purifier with cost below 3000 rupees.

If you are looking for best RO based water purifier with cost below 10000 rupees in India, then below information will be of great help to you . In this, prevalent models of brands such as Eureka Forbes, Tata Swach, and Pureness magic are covered.

Best RO Water Purifier under 10000 rupees in India in 2017:


#1.Tata Swach Nova Silver RO Wall Mounted 4-Litre Water Purifier:

Best RO water purifier in India with cost under 10000 rupees

This model from Tata Swach has silver action inside for lengthier purifier life. It has 4 stages purification in which water goes through 4 stages to make it clean and secure for drinking.

It provides user-friendly indicators. It improves the contemporary look of the purifier to outfit your kitchen.

It purifiers water which has got TDS value up to 2000 and this feature is of great help if your water is very hard.It’s front panel very easy to open and helps to check for any abnormality or service.

It has got purification capacity of up to 8 litres per hour.This has also got 4 litres zero containment tank.The filter cartridge gives long life due to silver line technology used in this RO water purifier.



#2.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO 4-Litre Water Purifier (White):

Top 5 best RO water purifiers in India with cost below 10000 rupees

This is electric based model with 4 litres capacity. Its cartridge life is around 6000 litres. It employs 5 stage purification process.

This comes with in built voltage stabiliser and also has energy saving mode.Energy saving mode makes the system stop automatically if it is idle for more than 10 minutes .Product also comes with one year warranty period.

This water purifier has a sleek wall-mounted design that clears space on the kitchen counter.It is been made of non toxic and food grade quality plastic material and looks great too.

It provides manual flush facility. By dipping the levels of TDS to allowable limits of 500 mg/litre, it guarantees pure drinking water with enhanced taste and sweetness.



#3.Tata Swach Electric Platina RO 7-Litre Water Purifier:

best quality RO based water purifier in India in 2017

This model from Tata Swach has NSF international registered RO membrane and silver action within. It has 7 litres zero pollution storage tank that saves you from the annoyance of washing the tank.

It has latest 5 stage purification technology. It also provides voltage spike guard shield. The push button addition permits fast and hassle free examining of your purifier. Free installation is provided.

Like the 1st model,this also works on purifying water up to 2000 TDS.It also comes with special silver safety for extra cartridge life.

It can treat up to 12 litres per hour and purified water is tasty.This has got auto flushing mechanism and can be wall mounted easily. 



#4.Pureness Magic RO Water Purifier in food grade body:

Best RO based water purifier in India with price below 10000 rupees

This model from Pureness magic RO has new compact sophisticated design with transparent shelter.

It has food grade, non-fragile, translucent ABS plastic structure.

This could purify water up to 12 to 15 litres per hour.Product also comes with one year warranty and free installation service.

The customer support is very good and you can use their android app to request for installation or service help.

This purifier is equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even municipal taps.

This has got 6 stage purification process and works greatly to provide clean and tasty drinking water.



#5.Osaka Dolphin 8 Litres RO Water Purifier:

top 5 best RO water purifiers in India with price under 10k rupees

Osaka Dolphin delivers the world’s modern and the finest water technology of different capacities and ranges from 10 litre/hour to more than 50000 litres/hour.

This is non-electric based model with 8 litres storage capacity. It employs 5 stage purification stages for operation.

This is US based technology which is completely automatic. It has system of pre carbon sediment filtration, filter housing, and membrane post carbon purifying system.



Don’t be in a hurry and choose one and keep blaming yourself later. Go through the above list of top 5 best RO water purifiers and pick one that best serves your purpose and yet falls under your budget.

If you are really not sure or doubtful whether RO purifier alone is sufficient then it’s better to go for RO + UV combination water purifier as it would be ideal for you in the longer run.


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