Best RO+UV water purifier with cost under 15000 in India

Awareness has increased to a great extent these days that ,most of the people prefer to have purified water only. RO water purifier is the widely used water purification system in India.

Even if you don’t like to have RO water purifier at home,you can very well buy RO purified water cans outside (mostly 20 litre capacity cans).

But the problem is that,you are not sure of how well they do RO process and additional minerals which they add during purification which sometimes might be a problem rather than a benefit.

So the best option would be going for a water purifier at home itself. RO purifier alone may not solve your drinking water problem if the water you are going to purify contain viruses and other micro organisms.

In this kind of scenario,the best option would be RO + UV water purifier. You should know few things before buying a RO + UV water purifier for your home.

Check here to understand more on what to check before buying RO + UV water purifier. You could buy a very good and popular RO + UV water purifier for your home for cost below 15,000 rupees in India.

If your budget is limited, then you could check some of the cheap RO + UV water purifiers available for price under 10,000 rupees in India.

But it is always better to go with good quality water purifier by spending 2 or 3 thousand rupees more as it is an investment for your health.

Have gone through all the models available in the market and picked top 5 best RO + UV water purifiers so as to help you out with the selection process.Here is the list to choose from.

Best RO+UV water purifier with cost under 15000 rupees in India:

#1.Kent Grand+ 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier:

Best RO+UV water purifier with cost around 15000 rupees in India

This is electric based model of Kent with 8 litres capacity.

It has 4 stage purification system. Its filtration capacity is 15 litres per hour.

Its feature includes auto shut off, auto start, UV Fail Alarm and Filter Change Alarm.

Its body material is made of ABS Construction.

The huge storage tank of 8 Litres serves water even when you don’t have electricity for quiet some time.

This can be wall mounted easily and helps you to save space in your kitchen.

Kent Grand+ water purifier is based on the patented Kent technology that removes even dissolved impurities while retaining essential Minerals and offers double purification of RO followed by UV.

This is best suited to purify water from all types of sources like bore well, overhead storage tanks, water takers and even municipal water.

The design is very elegant with a transparent cover and weighs around 9 kg.It also has purified water level indicator for easy tracking.

This is the best buy if you are looking forward to a quality and branded RO + UV water purifier which lasts long.

#2.Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV Water Purifier (White and Aquamarine):

Top 5 best RO + UV water purifiers under 15000 in India in 2017

This is another quality and popular RO + UV water purifier from Kent brand.

This is electric based model with 7 litres capacity with RO+UV based technology.

Its filtration capacity is 15 litres per hour.

Its feature includes auto shut off and easy onsite washing on daily basis. It provides LED indicators for indication.

All the fittings and components in the purifier are push fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water. Additional protection against leakages is built-in by using rubber O-Rings inside the push-fit fittings.

It is a very compact water purifier and can be easily wall mounted.Most of the features of the first product Kent Grand+ also available with this model with main difference being it’s design and water capacity.


#3.HUL Pureit Marvella RO + UV 10-Litre Water Purifier (Grey with Blue):

Good quality and popular RO + UV water purifiers in India with price below 15k

This model from HUL Pureit employs RO+UV technology with 6 stage purification process.

This model guarantees that you are going to acquire ‘As Protected As Boiled Water’ as far as the purifier is utilised within the method stated within the manual.

This model ensures that 100 percent water is passes through RO and UV to give completely safe water always.

It has got 10 litres water storage capacity and another highlight feature being removal of TDS in water up to 2000 ppm.

It weighs around 8 kgs and has an advanced 15 day alert system to warn you about replacement.

It can purify up to 9 – 12 litres per hour and comes with one year warranty like all other models.


#4.Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier:

top 5 best RO + UV water purifiers for price under 15,000 rupees in India

This is another popular model from Kent brand with 8 litres capacity and RO+UV technology.

This water purifier includes a highly effectual Filmtec RO membrane for elimination of dissolved impurities, microorganisms, viruses and their offspring.

It applies a high powered 11 Watt UV lamp to supply comprehensive de-activation of injurious micro-organisms.

There is an inherent craggy Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) that can manage an extensive range of input AC mains.

Like the 1st and 2nd models mentioned above,it is also easily wall mountable and purifies all types of water.

It comes with an easily detachable tank for easy cleaning.It can purify water up to 15 litres per hour.

The design is very good if you compare with all other models and looks very clean.

#5.Livpure Envy Neo RO+UV Water Purifier (Blue):

top 5 best RO + UV water purifiers in India with cost under 15,000 rupees

LivPure provides fascinating model with RO membrane based RO+UV type water purifier.

For its operation, you need to use a pre-filter cartridge if the feed stuff water has turbidity higher than 10 ntu. It provides top notch performance along with 1 year warranty.

It has 5 stage advance water purification system and helps to purify water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.

It can purify up to 15 litres per hour and has pure water storage capacity of 8 litres.

It also has shutter tray to hold 1 litre water bottle .This looks great with modern and stylish design and can enhance the beauty of your kitchen with out wasting much space.

Don’t be in a hurry and choose one with out checking complete details as it may put you in difficult situations later.

Go through the list of Best RO + UV water purifiers provided here and choose one according to your choice and preference.

Please do read user feedback of the model before buying to make sure that there are no other operational issues.

Get a good quality RO + UV water purifier to have clean and pure water to stay healthy.

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