Best UV based water purifier under 10000 rupees in India

Water purifier has become a necessity these days due to the requirement of drinking purified water to keep yourself and family healthy.

But just having some or any water purifier may not serve the purpose as you should have the right water purifier to get clean and pure water.

This clearly depends on what kind of water you want to purify and drink.Check here to understand various types of water purifiers in India.

If you get corporation water or some form of purified water but feels that it may contain germs or micro organisms then you should opt for UV water purifier.

But if your water itself has some impurities and salts then it is better to go for RO + UV water purifier rather than just UV water purifier.Check here for how to select good RO + UV water purifier for your home.

To get the complete understanding of best UV based water purifier under 10000 rupees in India then have a look through the below described water purifiers. For this, well-known brand models of brand-Kent, Eureka Forbes and HUL are covered.

Best UV based water purifier under 10000 rupees in India :

#1.Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier:

Best UV water purifier in India with price under 10000 rupees

This is electric based model with 7 litres capacity. It has auto shut off feature.

Other features are- UV fails alarm, auto start and filter change alarm.

Its body material is non-breakable, food-grade and transparent ABS plastic construction.

It has provision of pre carbon sediment filtration, filter housing, and membrane post carbon purifying system.

In instance the UV halts functioning, UV Fail Alarm is loud.It also comes with in built UF filter which helps to remove dead bacteria from water.

#2.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal plus UV Water Purifier:

top 5 best UV water purifier in India for cost under 10000 rupees

This model from Eureka Forbes features a striking European look with e-boiling technology, innovative mineral guard technology, auto-shut off, latest purity sensor system, voltage stabilizer and much more.

The e-boiling technology being included in this provides you pure and hygienic water as safe as the water which is simmered for 20 minutes.

This water purifier destroys all the micro-organisms like virus, bacteria, and protozoa that lead to diseases. Its installation type is wall mounting.

#3.Livpure Giltz UV 7 LTR water Purifier:

Best UV water purifiers in India under 10,000 rupees to buy online

This model from LivPure Giltz has 7 litres capacity. The filter cartridge is of sediment filter.

Its installation type is wall mounting and comes with one year warranty.

Its feature includes removal of turbidity tank full indication, taste enhancer, free preventive maintenance service, membrane life enhancer, tank full indication, etc.

#4.HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier:

Best UV based water purifier for cost below 10k in India

This model from HUL Pureit comes with 4 litres water storage capacity.

This has been intended to characteristically give 3000 litres of water under verified conditions of 25°C of temperature and 20 psi input pressure.

It offers Germ kill performance standard.

It fulfills severe criteria of Environmental Protection Agency, EPA (USA) for destructive virus and microorganism removal.

It comes with advanced alert system which intimates you 15 days in advance before purifier stops working so as to give you enough time to take corrective action.

It is fully automatic and purifies and stores water automatically when ever it sees that water tanker is not full.Cost of maintenance also seems to be less in comparison with other models.

#5.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier:

Best UV water purifier in India to buy online for cost below 10,000 rupees

This is electric based model with 3 stage purification. It comes with 6000 litres of cartridge life.

It has system of pre sediment filtration and carbon block. It has error indication feature.

Its energy saver mode saves electric energy by stop working without any interference if it is not used for more than 10 minutes.

It also comes with in built voltage stabilizer so that you no need to worry about voltage fluctuations.

It has water flow rate of 2 litres per minute which is quiet good and helps you to save time.

The purifier can be wall mounted with out any issue and also comes with built in bottle holder tray.

With its unique UV chamber, as well as its superb anti-drip design, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure crystal UV water purifier is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality and well built purifier.

Go through the list and pick one that can best serve your purpose.Please do read customer reviews available for each of the model to find any other operational issues faced by them.

If you are looking for RO + UV model with in the same budget,check here for some of the cheap RO + UV water purifiers under 10,000 rupees in India.

Spend wisely and stay healthy.!!

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