Effective ways of using waste water generated by water purifiers

Water purifier has become kind of mandatory these days in all houses due to the need for purified water and increased awareness on diseases caused by drinking water which is not safe.

There are different water purifiers available with various technologies and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers are most popular.

Different ways of using waste water produced by RO water purifier

One problem with RO water purifier is ,wastage of so much water while producing drinkable water.It is almost 3 times the waste water in comparison with purified water it provides.

If you don’t use that waste water then you are wasting so much water which is definitely not a good thing considering how water is becoming a scarcity and costly these days.

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There are many ways one can use the waste water produced through RO process like using it to clean kitchen utensils,for watering the plants or use it for toiletry purposes.

Here is an interesting read from The Better India site on various ways of using waste water and is worth reading.

Below are some useful videos which would help to understand more on various ways of reusing waste water produced through RO purifier.

Hope the information is helpful for you in saving some precious water.

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