Gravity Based Water Purifier – Benefits and Selection Guide

In Gravity based water purifier, water is filtered using normal gravity process, from the higher point to a lower point, without the assistance of any external force. Its biggest benefit is functioning without electricity implying that it is more natural and eco-friendly approach for water purification.

The water streams from the highest compartment to the bottom compartment, naturally. Generally for filtering, they rely upon micro fiber mesh, activated carbon filtering and few kind of polisher which eliminates residual chemicals.

Check the discussion in QUORA on how the gravity based water purifiers work and whether they filter out impurities from water.Watch the video below to understand more on how these gravity based water purifiers work.

Gravity based water purifier Benefits:

  • Overall, the water purified from Gravity based filters is healthier than boiled water and secure than chemically purified water.
  • This is the appropriate purifier for municipality or corporation water, which is previously chemically purified, and as this water originates from running water – it does not contain many dangerous impurities like arsenic etc.
  • Gravity based water purifiers do not need electricity or exterior power to operate. In several areas where electricity is a matter, users must bear in mind that gravity based water purifier is the only water purifier which can function without the use of electricity.This is the main advantage of these purifiers.
  • Gravity based water purifier removes foul smell and residues from water. In several areas, customer gets chlorine treated water and it includes a strange odour and colour.Gravity based water purifier is capable of removing both of these from water and make it pure and clean.
  • It has low maintenance cost and no yearly maintenance contracts needed.Even the cost of this purifier is very less which is couple of thousands and varies according to the volume.

As you are now aware of the benefits,the next question that comes to mind is, how to pick good quality gravity based water purifier in India?

Check the selection guide provided below which will highlight important points like what features or things to look out for before purchasing gravity based water purifier.

Gravity Based Water Purifier Selection Guide:

Gravity based water purifier selection guide in India

  • It must have Purification capacity of at least-20 litres/hour.
  • It must have Storage tank capacity of 7 litres for raw water and 13 litres for purified water.
  • It must be suitable for wall mounting or counter-top installation.
  • It must come with Ultrafiltration (UF) technology installed in it.
  • It must be capable of fully purifying water that comes from municipality or treated sources.
  • It must be able to purify water having TDS above 550 ppm.
  • It becomes essential to choose the gravity based water purifiers from a company which is well known for its performance. Few of the reputed brands are: Kent, Aquaguard, HUL Pureit and TATA Swatch.
  • Always select a gravity based water purifier which is certified. The most well-known certification for this is NSF and WQA.
  • Select it if in case your water is soft.
  • It should be capable to remove harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and cysts, apart from additional impurities such as dust, sand, chlorine, etc.
  • Its body should be made of unbreakable food grade quality plastic.
  • Its membrane life should be high around 4000 litres a year.


Don’t just go ahead and buy some purifier just because it is available or it comes with low price. Your intention is to have a purifier which purifies water to a great extent without using electricity and is available at an affordable budget.

First of all get it confirmed whether it can filter the water that is available at your home.If you get water via tankers or your ground water is very hard then having a gravity based water purifier is NOT of much help.

So go though the list of available gravity based water purifiers and check which can satisfy most of the above mentioned points and choose one accordingly.


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