How does Gravity based water purifiers work?

In Gravity based water purifier, water is filtered through usual gravity process, from the upper end to a lower end, without the aid of any kind of external force.

The work process inside Gravity based water purifier’s functions is without any need of electricity suggesting that it is more natural and eco-friendly method for water purification.

Work Process:

The water comes from the upper most sections to the bottom section, naturally.

See how the gravity process works in water purifiers

Usually for filtering, they trust upon micro fibre mesh, activated carbon filtering and several type of polisher which abolishes any residual chemicals.

Activated Carbon plays major role in work process of these water purifiers as it removes many unsafe organic chemicals like pesticides which may be existent in the water.

Activated Carbon in these water purifiers also takes out chemicals in water which makes water to taste bad. Consequently it is decent to have an activated carbon water filter in this Gravity based purifier for drinking water.

It works in a way that you don’t have to attach it to the mains – you can dispense the water through to the upper plate, and the water is dragged through the purifier by gravity.

It works on five different temperatures that you can adjust and it has the option to pre-set the amounts of the water.

The work process is so governed that they worked the rapidest, taking one minute to filter one litre and only few minutes for an entire gallon to pass through the gravity.

And better part is, you don’t have to really sit there and impel it, so you can plug it up and let it begin working while you take a food break or set up camp.

Although chemical treatments are quite simple, the pump and gravity backpacking water filters are truly the finest for a hiker on the go.

Watch the water purification system based on gravity explained in the below video by Kent brand

The process of water filtration lasts to evolve with application of lightweight, efficiency, and simplicity of use in mind.

In these gravity based water purifier, the work process is simple as there are no actual moving parts, just suspend and gravity proficiently does all the work.

Gravity based water purifiers are large in size and have powerful systems that works mainly in two forms: they are either under-sink systems compelled by water pressure or countertop schemes driven by gravity to achieve the process of filtration.

In its work process the pumping of water or electricity is required. This makes it perfect for any camping and other outdoor based activities. It can also process to serve from 1 to 6 people.

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