HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO + UV 6 stage water Purifier Review

For water purifier model- HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO + UV 6 stage water Purifier from well-known brand-HUL Pureit, following is the review.
This water purifier is completely RO+UV based fro HUL Pureit with storage tank. It is fit for wall mounting or table-top method installation, posing users with a collection to install it as per their wants. It has a sparkler clear and detachable storage tank, which settles easy on-site cleaning.

This water purifier has 6 stages of purification with electricity based operation. It comes with auto-shut off feature and detachable water storage tank. Its storage capacity is 5 litres and also works as a cold water dispenser if such need arises. It can be easily fitted on wall. Its filter comes with particulate kind of filter.
Noteworthy features:
It has advanced 6-stage technology through RO + UV mechanism with advanced voltage fluctuation guard protection system. This defends your purifier from unexpected voltage fluctuation as much as 300 volts and also functions in low voltages of 150 VAC. It is also convenient for 5 litres storage tank capability and you can get purified water even when there is no electricity availability. TDS Removal capacity is upto 1800 PPM. This means that it has capacity to turn hard water upto 1800 ppm into soft and tasty water.

Its RO membrane is made so absorbent that even slightest germ can be easily filtered out providing whole pure and safe drinking water. It wants less electricity consumption for its process. Users usually get lower electric bills rating by adopting this purifier. This water purifier is confirmed and qualified for its performance and fineness by famed laboratories of the world. The TDS system can works seamlessly to filter out any level of hardness present inside normal water and makes it completely soft for drinking. Its transportation is easy when though once installed and can be effortlessly shifted from one place to another. Free installation is supplied on this product by the producer of company. 100% water passes on through RO and UV stages to deliver totally clean water.

This product has no indicator to show that whether the storage tank is full or not. Users have found that this product keeps on getting at fault again and again as no one comes on time to attend the difficulty.
This water purifier from HUL Pureit is best in terms of purification stages and less power consumption conveying that it is an eco-friendly water purifier.

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