Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier Review

This water purifier-Kent Maxx Water Purifier (UV+UF) is observed to be the finest UV water purifier devising a storage tank.

This product is fairly appropriate for table top or wall mounting kind of installations, thus offering the users with selection to have it installed as per their wants and preference.

The removable tank can be easily removed and washed without the need of the technician. The translucent tank contributes this water purifier an attractive look.

Best Water Purifier from Kent under 15000

Best RO +UV water purifier for cost below 15000 to buy in India

Kent Maxx is supposed to have a water storing capacity of around 7 litres of purified water with special detachable storage tank, which safeguards non-stop water supply even if there is lack of electricity or running tap water.


kent maxx 7 litre UV water purifier review - best affordable water purifier from Kent

It comes with UV+UF technology with 7 litres of storage capacity. Its filter cartridge is of sediment, UF, activated carbon and UF membrane.

The installation type is table top and wall mount also. It comes in blue and white colours for better choice of users.

An instinctive rugged SMPS is combined rather than a normal power adaptor to grip wide input AC voltage fluctuating from 100 to 300 Volts.

Activated carbon and UF membrane combination provides additional lie and strength to filter cartridge.

Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier Review:


The double purification method accessible in this water purifier by the UF after the UV eliminates cysts, dead viruses, and bacteria from the improved smaller fibre-UF membrane pores, therefore offering safe, delicious, 100% clean drinking water that is fairly ideal for the use of consumption, be it drinking or cooking.

The fully auto operation ode does let this purifier to initiate purification when the water level in purified storage water tank inclines to fall lower the maximum and halts when tank gets full or if inlet water source is not existent.

It aids in availing hassle free operation not needful of manual interference.


This product uses 11W UV lamp that is high powered as compared to other 8W UV lamp that is conferred to industry standard for proposing whole de-activation of all harmful micro-organisms that are observed in tap water.

This UV water purifier is not operative when water is muddy.

Considering the UV technology and its benefits offered while operation, this is the one of the best model from Kent.

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