Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier Review

For water purifier model- Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier from renowned brand-Kent, following is the review.
If you are in hunt of a purifier that can purify even hard water or to use it with bore shafts or the one that can create your municipal tap water drinkable, then go for this water purifier from Kent. If you are then your search might be over because Kent Pearl is the newest adding to the huge family of water purifiers and you can acquire one for a pronounced deal.
This purifier comes with storage capacity of 8 litres and similarly suitable for water from all sources such as overhead storage tanks, bore-wells, water tankers and also municipal taps. Its body material is made up of food grade, non-breakable, transparent ABS plastic structure. It comes with 2 stages of purification and 1 year of warranty for users.
Noteworthy features:
It has a detachable tank which can be effortlessly removed and washed without anyone else’s assistance. It comes with a completely automatic on and off in order that you don’t have to physically shot the purifier on or off. It also has an inherent auto flushing scheme that eliminates salt deposits or any other ingredients that may get staff to the RO membrane. It has computer controlled process with filter alteration alarm and UV fail alarm. It comes with a special RO Protection Lock for notification. If the filter change alarm is activated and the filter are not transformed within following 60 hours then the purifier will halt working guaranteeing that it don’t provide unpurified water.
It offers special benefits through an advanced alert system to notify you of UV disaster and filter change. If the filter requests to be changed then an alarm is activated so you know precisely when it is time to substitute the filter. This reliable water purifier has a TDS controller that eliminates any dissolved unwelcome impurities and recollects essential minerals of the water in order that you will acquire healthy water that is appropriate for drinking.
It has very high maintenance cost along with its operation. You need to substitute sediment filter, activated carbon and post carbon filter when the alarm is perceptible or all 2 months. It requests electricity to function all the time. Consequently, if you are in recurrent power cut zone, evade any this water purifier.

This water purifier from Ken is best in terms of UV alarm notification and special protection lock facilities provided for easy operation.

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