Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

Kent is one of the top brands in India when it comes to water purifiers and many of it’s water purifiers are top selling products in Indian market(Best Kent brand water purifiers under 15000 rupees).

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is one among the popular Kent water purifiers in India.This product claims of providing pure water in the actual sense that the possessor can relish with his family.

Be it drinking or cooking, it aids to achieve the water purification with great ease. Simultaneously, this product is very much cost-effective and well within the reach of the regular user.

Before going further to get to know about this purifier features and whether it makes sense to buy,you should understand when to go for UV based water purifier and how it differs from other water purifiers.

You should also check the list of best UV water purifiers in India with price under 10,000 rupees if you are looking for an affordable water purification system based on UV technology.


Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

Kent Ultra UV water purifierĀ is an electric-based model from Kent with 7 litres of pure water storage capacity and 60 litres per hour of filtration capacity.

It comes with 3 stage of purification.Its filter is micron sediment and activated carbon.

Its body material uses non-breakable and transparent ABS plastic construction material. Only UV technology is used for eliminating bacteria and microbes with ultra-violet rays.

This water purifier is designed with state of the art 3 stage innovative UV filtration scheme. The high energy UV lamp delivers better UV intensity as compared to a standard lamp.


It has fit-in UV alarm that inevitably drives in action if the UV lamp halts functioning. It is resulted from the newest inventions in UV technology that safeguards drinking water from bacteria and germs.

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review:


This delightful product comes with wall mountable strategy and is careful to be finest fit for the Indian kitchens and also for corporate offices.

It saves your expensive counter space, while posing suitability while drawing pure water.

It is easy to clean the tank.

It provides special sensor for discontinuing water flow once the tank is filled.

It provides 1 year warranty, with prolonged warranty options available.



As this product is totally based upon UV technology, it is extremely suitable to be used only where there are little total dissolved solids existing in inlet water.

There are not many options available in this UV based water purifiers. As it is a wall unit, so if installed at height, consistent cleaning is problematic.

There are no stands provided for keeping bottle.

This water purifier from Kent is best suited employing UV technology with higher filtration capacity, better mounting and installation. It is recommended to be used for kitchen or office use with good warranty feature.

Only UV purification may not always produce pure water if your water which you are going to purify has some other impurities and salts.So better option at this point would be going for RO + UV water purifier.

Check the list of best RO + UV water purifiers in India to get an idea of top products in the market.

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