Normal Water vs Purified Water – Does the investment on water purifier is worth?

Normal water found in tap and other sources has lots of contaminants. As water is the universal solvent, it dissolves about everything inside it.

Nowadays people are becoming more worried about the quality of drinking water originating from the taps in their houses, and are looking for investments in water purifiers.

The water which we get through taps may get contaminated by various means at various stages and sometimes that water itself is the main problem for many health issues.

Tap water vs purified water

More water pollutants are free into the air of a home from the wash than from any other resources. Major one is chlorine and bacterial pollutants contained in normal water.

Watch the interesting video below which explains the problems of Chlorine in our drinking water

Provided the many varied types of water filters on the market, it can be tough for the average proprietor to think on the pros and cons of each.

Investment in water purifier is worth because:

  • A water purifier is essential to maintain good health today, due to the big quantities of contaminants in our normal water systems.
  • In order to save money, a self-installed home water purifier system is worth for investment.
  • It provides better tasting and healthier smelling drinking water by eliminating chlorine and bacterial pollutants.
  • It significantly reduces the danger of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by eliminating chlorine and it’s by products from normal drinking water.
  • Normal water when becomes hard water can harm your plumbing, machines and hot water heaters thus influencing performance on health and usage. Water purifiers screen hard water that encompasses magnesium and calcium that harms or stain various appliances.
  • As compared to charges expended on bottled water you have to spend least on water purifier. Water purifier’s installation is quite easy and can be accomplished without any specialised assistance. You can simply change filters when requirement arises and so simple in use.
  • Prowling contaminants in normal water importantly affect our fitness through food. Not just your health it also influence bad taste of your food as in many food recipes water is the chief ingredient such as ice cubes,  hot beverages, cold drinks, soup and stock etc. Polluted normal water has a taste and smell to it that will obviously get into everything it’s being cast-off with.

Hence by using water purifier and investing carefully on appropriate brand and model, you can use purified water for cooking, food use or any other use without any danger on health.

Here is a discussion happened on Quora regarding whether tap water is safe for drinking in India and interesting and informative article about inadequate safe drinking water in India.

The awareness of taking only purified water has grown manifold these days and one could find water purification centres across the country and more in rural areas too. These days most of the areas either in Cities or towns ,drinking water is served either by home water purifiers or through purified water cans.

Though it is always good to have purified water bought from outside,most of the times the problem seems to be with the chemicals added to water for taste or purification.They might create other health issues which we are not aware of.

But anyway make sure you drink only purified water with out much chemicals added or if there is no source of taking purified water,then at least heat or warm your tap water and drink which will definitely reduce some of the risks involved with unsafe water.


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