Top 5 RO based water purifiers in India

For users who want to purchase RO based water purifiers in India, then present article will help them to know top 5 RO based water purifiers. In this, prevalent brand models of brands such as Kent, HUL Pureit, A.O. Smith, Eureka Forbes and Whirlpool are covered.

Purifiers of Kent are innovators in conveying the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) equipment to India. HUL Pureit has gone on to grow as the world’s main selling water purifier brand. Eureka Forbes has been accessed with several Indian and global awards for its finest purification technology. A.O. Smith is developing reliable water purifiers for consumers.

1. Kent Wonder 7-Litre 6-Watt RO Water Purifier (Pearl White):
This water purifier from Kent has RO based purification technology with storage capacity of 7 litres. Its filter cartridge is of Sediment, Activated Carbon, and UF. It has a squeaky film membrane which also offers excellent facilities. The added features that the Kent Wonder Water Purifier(RO) deals users is a one year warranty and it needs a power point of 230v to 240v.Its installation type is wall mount, counter top.
2. HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier (Silver with Chrome Finish):
The most significant and distinctive feature of this water purifier from HUL Pureit is its 6 stage water purification. In spite of the long order of 6 stages of water purification, this purifier is one of the fastest water purifiers compared to others. If you are supposing a whole bunch of relatives, then you can trust upon this kitchen machine for quick filling of its 10 litre big storage tank. This appliance is prepared with an innovative alarm to alert you regarding filter running out of work and taste enhancers installed to make the water tastier than before.
3. A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO Water Purifier (White/Passion Red):
This is electric based water purifier from A.O. Smith with 7 purification stages. The pre carbon filter captivates chlorine and biological impurities like damaging pesticides from water. It even absorbs bad tang and odour-causing organic composites from water. Its RO membrane eliminates bacteria, virus, protozoa, and parasites and decreases dissolved salts, TDS solidity, pesticides and heavy metals such as fluoride, arsenic from water.

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO Water Purifier (Black and White):
Eureka Forbes releases this water purifier with E-boiling+ technology and TDS Regulator for better purification along with RO system. It has capability to attack and terminate 99.99 percent of destructive micro-organisms without addition of chemicals to the water. It comes with 7 litres of storage capacity and special carbon filter cartridges.
5. Whirlpool Minerala Platinum 8.5-Litre RO Water Purifier (White)
It is one of the only RO Water Purifiers from Whirlpool that comes with a pre-filter membrane, which not just takes out all froths up to sizes of 20 microns, but even improves the lifetime of the RO membrane. Its robust filtration is operative even in areas with very hard water.

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