Top 5 UV + UF based water purifiers in India

In order to get the best idea of top UV+UF based water purifiers in India, you must look at the below branded model described. Brands of Tata Swach, Eureka Forbes and Dr Aqua Guard are described.

The Tata Swach models of water purifiers have implemented their ideas and technology in the emerging low cost, almost-zero maintenance and user-friendly water purifier. Eureka Forbes and has been authorized with several national and global awards for its technology in water purification. Also, Dr Aqua Guard Geneus- Aqua guard is the leading water purifier brand that has been designated with awards for its superior technology.

#1.Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier:

This water purifier from Tata Swach has UV+UF purification technology. It comes with 6 litres capacity. It follows the basic steps like sediment filter cartridge, UV protection and the Ultra filtration membrane, carbon to deactivate biological elements for complete water purification.

#2.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb 6.5-Litre UV + UF Water Purifier (Black/White):

This model from Eureka Forbes Aqua guard comes with 6.5 litres capacity. It confirms the facility of pure drinking water with zero contamination. The application of UV and UF rays guarantees that the taste and odour of the water also stays unchanged. It provides complete assurance that the instance of falling sick because of the consumption of contaminated water is extremely reduced.

#3.Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Enhance 7-Litre UV+UF Water Purifier (Black and White):

This water purifier from Eureka Forbes Aqua guard serves UV+UF purification technology and mineral guard technology. It comes with taste enhancer cartridge. The Ultraviolet treatment contains 8W ultraviolet lamp that produces UV light of a specific wavelength that avoids and abolishes 99.99 per cent of microorganisms without addition of chemicals to the water.

#4.Dr Aqua Guard Geneus+ in RO+UV+UF Water Purifier in 7 Litres, Grey:

Dr Aqua Guard provides this model that comes with RO + UV/UF + UV technology. Its feature includes intelligent E-Boiling, taste guard and reserve mode. Its taste guard technology senses the water and acclimates repeatedly to the different resources of water and guarantees you that the water is safe, pure and tasty.

#5.Eureka Forbes Aqua sure from Aqua Guard Maxima UV+UF water purifier:

This model from Eureka Forbes has RO+UF water technology that is specially designed for innovative dual RO+UV purification which reduces excess TDS, heavy metals, hardness, chemicals and avoids all disease causing microorganisms. It comes with wall mount installation.

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