UV based water purifier – Benefits and Selection guide

Ultraviolet (UV) water purification based water purifiers are developed to offer the most cost-effective way of keeping residential drinking water against organic contaminants.

UV purification systems can be applied to protect contrary to water-borne viruses, microorganisms, moulds and pathogenic disease-producing microorganisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia .

UV based water purifier works to eliminate even viruses such as the hepatitis virus, which are known to be extremely resistant to chlorine-dried water, can be comparatively easily eliminated through UV action.

Watch the video below to understand more on how UV based water purification system works.

UV Water Purifier Benefits:

One of the major advantages of using an UV water purifier is that it is much cost effective at slaying a majority of the damaging microbes related with very common water-borne diseases.

The systems used consume just as much energy as a 60-watt bulb would consume.

Most importantly, UV based water filters do not host chemicals in the water.

The taste and color of the water stays virtually unchanged and there is even no danger of any damaging bi-products resultant from the application of UV based water purifiers.

UV based water purifiers are easy to install, easy to maintain and do not harm infected tanks or drains system.

It effectively destroys 99.99% of microorganisms.

UV based water purifier is an environmental friendly substitute to chlorine fumigation and possess no disinfection by-products

It requires low electrical power for operation.

Its UV purification process does not waste much water.

How to choose UV water purifier ?

What to check before buying an UV water purifier in India

If you are ready to buy an UV water purifier,you should keep few things mentioned below in mind before choosing a product.

Requirement of system:

The parts of UV based water purifiers should be as uniform and as substitutable as possible to allow easy expansion later. You must look for this point while selection.

It must have sight port that enables visual monitoring of lamp action. You can look out and select those models which also permit later edition to electronic monitor device by application of the same port.

You can look out for system models that provides greater safety by more precise monitoring than does a multi-lamp /single-chamber system does.

Optional accessories:

You can look out for models which have flow controls, UV light bulb monitor, electronic water shut-off valves and alarms, and must be accessible to offer fail-safe operation without any operator presence.

Prestigious brands:

UV based water purifier of prominent brands must promise the established output quality satisfying national standards on drinking pure water or qualified manufacture processes satisfying ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Customer Service:

When purchasing a UV based water purifiers, users must pay attention to the devotion, rapidity and rules of transportation, installation, warranty, maintenance and after-sales convenience.

Keeping these in mind you can select a good water purifier of UV type from a good brand at a competitive price.

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