Water Heater selection guide- This is how to choose good one for your bathroom

Water Heaters are called many names like Boilers, Geysers, Calorifiers etc. Irrespective of what they’re called, they are an indispensable part of every modern household.

Just like any other appliance, water heaters also come in various shapes, colours, sizes, and are loaded with different features.

While choosing a suitable water heater for your home or workplace, the two most important factors that need to be considered are the brand and specific features you require.

Water heater selection guide in India

Types of Water Heaters:

The two major types of Water Heaters are:

  • Storage Tank Heaters: These types of Water Heaters have storage cylinders that store and heat water. Heating is terminated and excess water is let off.
  • Tankless/Instant Water Heaters: As is evident from the name, these water heaters do not have storage tanks. They are best suited for quick showers since they get activated when powered on and hot water is not stored for later use.

Other variations of water heaters include solar powered, heaters with glass-lined tanks, Ignition resistant water heaters, etc.

Some other way of categorizing water heaters are horizontal and vertical(Best vertical water heater to buy in India

Now that you know various water heaters available in the market,you should first decide on few things like your need (like how frequently you use hot water and how many people to use hot water),space in bathroom and price.

Here are some of the points which could help you in choosing right water heater for your bathroom in India.

Essential Features:

  • If the water heater is to be used by several people in the family, it is best to consider one with a large storage capacity like 15 or 25 Litres.
  • Determine where you need to place it. If your water heater is bulky, take appropriate measures to conceal it so that it does not dampen the aesthetics of your bathroom or kitchen.
  • If this is a one-time investment for you, look for anti-rust, anti-corrosion, pressure, and hard water resistant water heaters. These features prolong the lifespan of the device saving you unnecessary maintenance charges and replacement.
  • Purchase energy efficient water heaters from a reputed brand.This would reduce your monthly electricity costs.
  • In modern times, it would be very unwise to buy any device that does not possess smart and intuitive features. Go for intuitive water heaters with regulated thermostat and auto operation to make it easier to use.

Top water heater brands in India that you can choose from include AO Smith, Crompton, V-Guard, Bajaj, etc.

Best Crompton Greaves Water Heater

Best Bajaj Electricals Water Heater

Best V-Guard Water Heaters

Other popular global brands are GE, Kenmore, Rheem and, Whirlpool. Choose from any of the below brands to get premium water heaters at affordable prices:

  • AO Smith: AO Smith makes tankless, hybrid, solar, and Storage tank heaters that can be installed both in residential as well as commercial buildings.(Best AO Smith Water Heaters)
  • GE: GE is short for General Electric. Water Heaters by GE are characterized by varying sizes, good energy efficiency, and a strong warranty.
  • Kenmore: Kenmore is a top brand whose water heaters are equipped with Power Miser, and Hydro sense electronic-temperature control configurations. They are also available in different sizes.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool manufactures electric water heaters as well as gas water heaters in two configurations namely, standard and power vent.

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