When to go for RO + UV Water Purifier – Selection guide

The RO based water purifier actually eliminates all germs and viruses in the water by cleaning out all organisms. While in UV, the UV light needs to pass through the water to eradicate the germs.

Combination of both of these is RO+UV based water purifier which completely kills germs by taking benefits of both the technology.

Here is the comparison of various water purification technologies available in India. You can also watch below video to understand more on RO , UV and UF water purification technologies.

Below you will find when to opt for this combined RO+UV based water purifier along with appropriate selection guide.

When to go for RO+UV based water purifier:

RO +UV water purifier selection guide in India

  • The RO Membrane in the RO + UV is proficient of eliminating hard metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. So, if your requirement is mainly industry oriented targeting to remove above mentioned hard metals then go for RO+UV based water purifier.
  • If your need is to completely remove Virus, cysts, and bacterium (especially for medical or laboratory uses) then go for this. It has the UV chamber functioned in the last stage that guarantees that the water is completely free from these micro-organisms.
  • If your target of TDS removal is up to 1800 PPM level then go for this. It comes with a TDS regulator installed within it.
  • Not only it eradicates all the impurities from normal water but it also makes sure that the water recollects the minerals within it that are essential for our body. So, for mineral based requirements, go for this purifier.
  • Its spin-welded housing safeguards better membrane life. The membrane life is similarly enhanced by the inherent Auto-Flushing System that occasionally eliminates salt deposits from the membrane.

RO + UV water purifier selection Guide:

One should follow some standard things like brand name ,cost, customer support and features before buying RO + UV water purifier as well.Read here to get know the selection guide for RO based water purifiers ,which also works well for RO + UV based water purifier.

In addition to that,you should also check below features

  • While selecting the corresponding models, you must look for leakage issues. As in combined RO+UV based water purifiers, many customers have stated this issue.
  • Check that there is appropriate connection of water supply to this purifier from Municipal water pipeline. As in many cases, it is found to not perfectly support the same for this kind of purifier.
  • Ensure to select particular RO+UV based water purifier model with TDS level higher than 100 ppm.

With the appropriate blend of both Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet water purification technologies, these water purifiers gives you the harmless drinking water and your kids will always be protected from life-intimidating water-borne illnesses.

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